Kiwanis Special Olympics Event 2011 Photos
Off to catch the winner!
A beautiful day on the lake.
Kids Win!
It's all about the prizes!
Trophy Trout!
$50.00 winner! $1,000 winner!
Family Fun
Bob Pearcy
Look what I caught!
Paul Gottfried
Friends Fishing
Poles are pink too!
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Get lunch here!
Kids have fun!
Flowering beauties!
Stocking the lake.
Lets go Fishing!
It was this big!
Pontoon boat skipper!
Beautiful lake view!
Tagging fish.
Catch me if you can!
Ready for a great day!
All ages have fun!
Look what I caught!
Relaxing in the sun!
Who caught the big one?
Trying for the money trout !
The lake is finally full !
What a great background!
Nice stringer!
$50.00 winner!
$50.00 winner!
Get the fish ready!
Thanks to our helpers!
Go get those fish!
Richard Hernandes
Charles Barber